Dear Younger Self,

Oh, how I want you to know how unimportant appearances are. It just doesn’t matter (!!!..) if the house is a mess, be THANKFUL that you have children that are making it so. If you haven’t updated the kitchen or bathroom, who cares ??!!?? It is better to spend the money on experiences and your family. And Dear Younger Self, please stop comparing yourself to others. There will always be those that have more than you have –bigger homes, better yards, whatever…be THANKFUL. So, have friends over even if the house is a mess. JUST DO IT! You, sweet younger self are the heart of the home, Yes, you. So make your home a place of safety, a refuge, and most importantly, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE not only your precious family but those in your sphere.

Be yourself, be content with who you are and what you have been given and be JOYFUL. I’m telling you this: being free from all the hindrances of comparison will make you want to dance, laugh and love. Be sweet.


Your Older Self

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