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I will share a story first – only to get the ball rolling – but can’t wait to hear yours! You can share your story here.

When my oldest child graduated from college, an unexpected visit from the past occurred. This was a wonderful occasion; the first of three to graduate college and a celebration for our whole family.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you it is only about the student. Sure, they do most of the hard work and have earned this diploma with many hours of study, but it is also a family affair.  So, we were all there to celebrate this day.

What I didn’t expect was a “little visit from the past”. When it was time for Ryan to march in with the other graduates, I took a double take. Instead of looking into the parade of graduates and seeing my handsome adult man-child, I saw my little boy in his T-ball uniform with his baseball cap hanging off his little blond head. Then, as the group of graduates march toward the stage, there was my little guy in his soccer uniform racing down the field. And finally, as he started to walk across the stage, there he was getting his driver’s license and going on his first date.

It was then that I realized, that this day was a culmination of many days leading up to this. As his diploma was handed to him, I clearly saw the young adult that was going out into the world to make his mark. His diploma was his gift that day. Getting to share all those awesome memories of him growing up, was his momma’s gift! It was wonderful!


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