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Dear Younger Self,

If I were to give you advice I don’t think it would much. You are doing a good job and you should be very proud of the family you have. That would be my advice. Be proud! Proud in the fact that God is the center of your life and to never lean away from that. Proud that you are hard working and you are doing an amazing job. I would want you to realize this as a young mom. It’s hard and exhausting but you will succeed. Don’t wait until you are an older woman to realize this. Realize it now. Soak up every moment with your little ones. Take lots of pictures. Those photos will bring up great memories. Invest in your friends. Take the time to be a friend. You will need them, and they will need you. Don’t sweat or waste precious time being sure your home is clean enough for a magazine cover. Messes can be cleaned up but memories last forever. Just lean on God, just you be you. You’ve got this!

I Love You!
Your older self.


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