Happy Summer Days!

As you begin this glorious season of rest, fun, connecting with family and chasing lightening bugs, I pray you will have some margin in your life to slow down and be still. Savor the “no agenda” days and thank God for this season.
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Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!

Those who are Moms, Moms-in-law, Grandmothers, Aunts and special ladies that have been like a mom in our lives, thank you for the handprints you have left on our hearts! Thinking about this newsletter and praying over the content, I thought…

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

* Happy Spring from Lilly Charleston! Welcome to Lilly Charleston AND welcome to April!! Yea! Winter is officially over – bring on the tulips and the daffodils! This month is special for a few different reasons: First and foremost, it is…

Happy “Spring”!!!

I am sitting here in Long Island looking at the last bits of the latest snowfall and waiting patiently to see the first peek of daffodils popping through the ground. When those little yellow “faces” appear, we know we made it through another winter.